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The future of DC is here.
Behold an unprecedented leap forward in versatility and efficiency. The Acme Hub is the first all-in-one
AI-powered Modular Data Centre in the world. 
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Acme Hub features a 5-tier stackable design that makes it the perfect pre-fab DC. At just under days, a precisely-machined, pre-fabricated module is brought to life and carefully stacked up on-site for deployment. Add-on tiers can easily stack up whenever and wherever an idea strikes. 
Stackable to the core.
A breath of pure innovation.

Jam-packed with innovation, Acme Hub delivers unexpectedly big capability for a pre-fab DC of its size. With robust power and an outstandingly small footprint, It's undeniable that the Acme Hub has redefined what a Data Centre can be.



We take full responsibility for the environmental footprint of our products and what goes in them. The Acme Hub is made up of an enclosure made from toxin-reduced materials and all of the wood fibre used in the packaging is properly upcycled.

Thinking inside the box equals to 200,000 fewer cars on the road per year

Featured add-ons

Fan Wall

The world's most advanced cooling solution.

Ultra powerful and ahead of its time.

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Make them yours with optimum efficiency.

Configure and add CRAC to your selection.

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It's time

for change

Acme Hub

On-demand deployment
AI Accelerator for
Machine Leaning
Reduced construction waste
Cost efficient
Toxin-reduced materials

Traditional DC

Up to 95% more waste
Toxin-reduced materials
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