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outstanding achievement presented by DC industry giant, huawei

DC Partner of the Year

Acme Associates is proud to have been presented with the outstanding award for DC partner of the year. It is with great profundity of innovation with Huawei that we have achieved this fantastic award from the greatest dominating DC industry giant, Huawei. 

Huawei is home to the world's most innovative and creative products and solutions which have rapidly spread across the world. Acme is proud to have been given the opportunity to continue the momentum of Huawei's progress by extending the leap forward with DCs in Singapore. It's crucial that products that we use in our DCs are beyond the industry-standard of quality and Huawei has absolutely nailed it with innovative and reliable design. We are beyond honoured to be receiving this prestigious award from one of the most sought-after brand in the world and we're optimistic of many more collaborations ahead.

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