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Executive Profiles

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Jennie Tan

Managing Director


Jennie Tan is Managing Director of Acme Associates and serves on the company's executive team.


Before being named MD in November 2019, Jennie was Acme's Business Executive Director and was responsible for all of the company’s worldwide and regional business, including worldwide operations, as well as customer service. She leads Acme's sales team and played a key role in the continued development of strategic partnerships and innovation. She also worked with Acme's design and engineering division and developed integral processes across the board.

Prior to Acme, Jennie was Business Manager for IBM and was responsible for business development. Previous to her work at IBM, Jennie worked for PMB where she spearheaded sales in Singapore. She also went on to pursue environmental design as a Certified Green Mark manager.

Jennie earned an EMBA from Helsinki School of Economics, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University Singapore. She has also been endorsed by more than 100 skilled experts in Business Development, Strategic Planning and Business Strategy.


Lawrence Lim

Senior Director

Project & Solutions


Lawrence Lim is Acme's senior director of Project & Solutions. Lawrence is in charge of Acme's full line of Data Centre projects, ensuring unparalleled quality and overseeing planning, design, integration, building and product fulfilment functions, as well as Acme's Extended Partnership programmes that ensure smooth operations throughout the entire process.


The Project & Solutions team supports Acme's sustainable initiatives with design that's built to last. Every Data Centre built is made for the ultimate longevity and future upgradability.

Since joining Acme in 2006, Lawrence has played an important role in delivering each of Acme's Data Centres to our clients. Prior to Acme, Lawrence worked as a project leader at PM-B. He earned a Diploma in BCom and a degree in Marketing from University Of Western Sydney.


Serene Ang

Senior Director

Finance & Shared Service


Serene Ang is Acme's senior director of shared service and finance. As senior director, Serene oversees the accounting, financial planning and analysis, business support, tax functions and internal audit.


Serene has worked closely with Acme's senior leadership and its people since her arrival. She has over 30 years of experience building and leading finance teams in global corporations including PMB, with significant operating complexity. 

As the leader of Acme's people and diversity, Serene supports their work to enrich the lives of Acme employees every day. In her role leading the people at Acme, Serene helps employees to develop and widen their horizons, helping everyone live up to their ideals and the Acme philosophy.

Serene helms the industry-leading Association of Chartered Certified Accountants' qualification which sets the bar high, with up to 13 preliminary rounds and three years of education just to pass the board. 

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