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Acme celebrates 18 years of exponential growth in Asia

Updated: Jan 15

SINGAPORE — 9 January, 2024 — Today, Acme celebrates 18 years of innovation and progress in Singapore. Since 2006, Acme Associates has been deeply rooted in the Singapore community, creating jobs, driving growth, supporting local communities through charity, and protecting the environment. We are inspired by the spirit and vision of Singapore, a nation that has transformed itself in just over four decades.

Acme Associates started as a small team of three people in a 200 ft² office space in Kaki Bukit. Today, it has grown to a group of nearly 200, with a 20,000 ft² office space in the same vicinity. This incredible journey is a result of the hard work and perseverance of the Acme Associates team, and the trust and support of our customers, partners and friends.

"We're humbled by what we've accomplished in the past 18 years. Each and every opportunity is one that we will deeply cherish for the rest of our lives,"

said Jennie Tan, founder and Managing Director of Acme Associates.

The new Acme vision goes beyond the mere pursuit of perfection. It embodies the spirit of longevity and a deep attention to sustainability. With our latest breakthroughs in sustainable design and digital maintenance systems that are private and secure, Acme continues to be at the forefront of innovative technologies.

"We've seen tremendous growth in our global portfolio in just the past year alone and we're optimistic about the future."

said Serene Ang, founder and Senior Director of Shared Service at Acme Associates.

The developing Singapore landscape has been completely transformed since Acme's establishment in 2006.

"Since opening in Thailand, Indonesia and now Malaysia, we've successfully brought our full range of services across the region to extend our support to existing and new customers."

said Lawrence Lim, founder and Senior Director of Project & Solutions at Acme.

"Times have completely changed. We're laser-focused on building Data Centres that are built to last. Earth won't wait, neither will we."

said Catherine Choo, Deputy Director at Acme Associates.



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