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Future-driven plans and commitments

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

This year has been unlike any other. With our outstanding teams that have worked tirelessly throughout these challenging times, we launched some very promising future concepts that include the revolutionary Acme Hub Pre-fabricated Data Center and our innovative Artificial Intelligence concepts.

Throughout our years of tireless innovation and challenging the status-quo, Acme has become one of the most renown Data Center builder in the Asia-pacific region — with over 15 years of industry-presence. Our mission has always been to create the most reliable and useful tools to deliver quality services to our Data Centers around the world. And our continuous desire to live up to our ideals of uncompromising quality has shown to be exceptionally useful this past year as all of us shifted entirely to virtual communication for the first time in the history of humanity.

This year, we took a comprehensive approach to diversification. Starting this fall, we are setting our feet in 2 tech-driven countries in the Asia-pacific region: Indonesia and Thailand. True to our promise, our offices and projects in Indonesia and Thailand will be operated by our highly-experienced team of engineers — plus, all our Data Centres in both regions will be built with optimum efficiency requirements to meet our carbon neutral goal. This is truly a huge step forward for the industry and for Acme as we continue to pave the way for the future of Data Centers.

- Jennie, founder and Managing Director of Acme Associates, leads the global operations of the organisation and is in-charge of end-to-end business development.



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