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Our team is changing the world every second of the day

We're building an inclusive culture for everyone to belong and feel valued to make meaningful differences. Our goal has always been to give our people the choice to do what they feel passionate about and empower them to build the future of their dreams.


Our teams span across roles, nationality, colour and ethnicity. No team has ever
been more diverse and inclusive.


Increase in number of employees from diverse backgrounds since 2021


Increase in the number of
women in executive and leadership roles since 2020


Increase in number of employees from different regions and ethnicity in 2022

The People

Innovation defines us and so does the driving forces of our employees

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Selfie Portrait

Shared goals for better work-life and pay equity, worldwide.


Designed with superior quality in mind 

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Our Philosophy

Upholding uncompromising quality and refined innovation to every Data Centre.

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Mission Statement

To deliver and maintain sustainable Data Centres through continuous innovation and value-added engineering while providing effective concepts and designs to all clients, ensuring superior quality to uphold our commitment for a carbon neutral future.


The world's leading tech giants are also our partners.

To help provide for your Data Centre solutions and software, we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading tech giants. Growth is embedded deeply in our culture. Acme is the only DC-specialised organisation to partner Huawei as VAP in Singapore. We also have a robust network of 500+ extended partners, so whether you’re looking for equipment sourcing or Data Centre development support, you’ll have access to the best tech experts in the world.


It's in the depths of long-term goals

We build services to empower everyone. Every service, every piece of software and every component is created with future-driven features built in. Throughout our years of tireless innovation and challenging the status-quo, Acme has become the most renowned Data Centre builder in the Asia-pacific region — with over 15 years of industry-presence and 2,000,000 ft² of purpose-built Data Center land delivered. Our mission has always been to create the most reliable and useful tools to deliver quality services to our Data Centres around the world. And our continuous desire to live up to our ideals of uncompromising quality has shown to be exceptionally useful this past year as all of us shifted entirely to virtual communication for the first time in the history of humanity. When the world changes, business changes too. Acme hardware, software and services work together to give you the power and flexibility to do whatever needs doing.


Executive Team

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