The future is

By 2035, our entire end-to-end footprint will be carbon neutral.

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Modularity for less waste

Our newly-designed Acme Hub is built for optimum flexibility and a low-carbon optimised structure in mind. Our next big step into modularity opens up new doors for recycled materials and reduced waste on-site.

Power-saving out of the box.

Out of the box, our latest Fan Wall and Acme Hub deliver absolutely incredible efficiency with Machine Learning strategies that blow the competition out of the dust.
Some of our largest Data Centers are already powered by renewable energy and the Acme Hub extends that leap with the same capability.

Acme Trade-up program.

Acme Hub brings us closer to carbon neutrality.

Reduced construction wastage and groundbreaking efficiency means everything is flat-out carbon-reducing. Plus, the entire structure is ultra durable — so quality is not compromised — even with increased flexibility.

We are not believing in something because others are. We are believing in creating a space for the future that's better than the place we live in today.

Jennie Tan | Managing Director