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Carbon neutral in just 12 years.

Data Centres are the world's largest emitters of carbon, but we won't let it stay that way. Our commitment to the environment means we have a plan to build cleaner, more efficient DCs. That's why we promise to be carbon-neutral by 2035.

Boundary Breaking.

Our biggest year yet in pushing for low-carbon processes. 

ML-powered energy saving
facility management
Custom apps for digital DC management
Upscaled materials for better durability 
Easily recycle and trade-up existing equipment
Sustainably-sourced parts for repair
Clean, renewable energy in our DCs
Low-carbon vehicles
and logistics
Floor plan visualisation with AR on iPad

Our workplace is now fully digital, and private.

With our latest Acme Core advancements, employees are now leveraging the power of iPad and iPhone with custom-built features, like CoreTools Asset Management and Emergency Report, designed to reduce paper waste and build complex data maps, crucial for Artificial Intelligence features. 

iPad-MaintenancePro Mockup.png

Our goals are concrete.

Low-carbon concrete reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 70%, saves energy, and improves durability in our DCs. We're implementing low-carbon concrete by using sustainable fly ash and blast-furnace slag, and by adopting innovative technologies, like injecting CO2 into concrete during production.


Shipping that's good for the earth we share.

We are working with partners to implement alternative sustainable shipping methods for parts and equipment, such as using rail transport, optimising routes, and reducing packaging. These measures will help us lower our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Vehicles, now in the green.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and enhancing our sustainability, that's why we are now using electric vehicles for logistics and maintenance work. By switching to electric vehicles, we are saving fuel costs and supporting a clean energy source. 

byd-t3-van-website copy.jpg
Environment Grids.001.jpeg

Design for longevity. 

Up to
Higher energy
efficiency standards
than leading competition
Up to
Longer 15-year support plans for even better durability and upscaling than industry-average
Environment Grids.001.jpeg

Power-saving equals game-changing.

Some of our largest
Data Centres are partially-powered by renewable energy
Striving towards delivering incredible efficiency with Machine Learning
Environment Grids.002.jpeg

Acme Trade-up program

We're working on some great ideas for the environment.

Our move towards low-carbon is a step change. We're on our way to some even brighter days ahead. 

Jennie Tan | Managing Director

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