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New-generation UPS Power Module

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Designed for all range of data centers, Huawei Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS) adopts modular hot-swappable design which simplifies Operations and

Maintenance (O&M), reducing maintenance time to just five minutes and greatly improving system availability.

Huawei UPS System efficiency can reach 96.5% at 20% load, and 97.1% at 40% load. With module hibernation technology, it better matches the actual service scenarios of data centers and helps customers save electricity fees.







Redundant design eliminates single points of failure with early-warning for key components in the case of power supply interruption.

Reduced Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) with a low-load, and high efficiency design that is efficient at the most-common loads

Enhancing availability with online customer support which shortens to average time to repair, this fully modular unit is made for business growth and expansion.

Product Range


UPS5000-S Series

50 kVA to 800 kVA UPS

The UPS5000-S series which provides high system efficiency is specifically designed for medium and large sized data centres.


UPS2000-G Series

1 kVA to 20 kVA UPS

UPS2000-G uses an online, double conversion power system to safely deliver reliable and high-quality AC power to small scale data centres and other small-scale applications


UPS5000-E Series

25 kVA to 800 kVA UPS

The UPS5000-E series is designed for medium and large size data centres which is easily scalable for business growth, reducing initial investment for customers.


UPS2000-A Series

1 kVA to 10 kVA UPS

UPS2000-A offers high quality AC power with up to 96% efficiency in a free standing tower case, suitable for small server rooms and other areas with smaller footprint.


UPS5000-A Series

30 kVA to 800 kVA UPS

UPS5000 A is an online double- conversion UPS that provides uninterruptible power for medium and large data centres.


FusionPower Series 

1200 kVA UPS

FusionPower integrates both PDU and UPS to deliver a highly efficient solution for large scale data centres. It offers rapid maintenance and capacity expansion with a 40% smaller footprint compared to similar market solutions.

Utilizing Li-ion Batteries - The most preferred choice for Data Centres

Providing higher energy density with a smaller physical footprint, coupled with significantly longer lifespan, the Li-ion batteries are by far the most cost-effective alternatives to the traditional lead-acid batteries.

Huawei SmartLi UPS Poster (Why Huawei Sm

Why Huawei SmartLi UPS Solution?



Modular redundant design which ensures no single point of failure with 2x longer service life that does not require replacement in over ten years.



Adaptive mixed use of old and new modules, modular swappable design and real-time end-to-end monitoring to ensure simple management.



Physical footprint reduction by 50% at 1.2 MW/10 minutes by implementing the industry-leading 97% system efficiency SmartLi-UPS solution.

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