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26 November 2019

The mark of an incredible partnership within the Data Centre industry.

Acme Associates Pte Ltd started its journey way back in 2006 as a homegrown critical solutions provider specializing in Data Centres. Today, we are pleased to announce that Acme Associates has been appointed by China's Tech Giant Huawei as their Value-added partner in Singapore.

Given the rapid increment of industry players, we has taken the extra steps to ensure that the partnership is beneficial to both companies. With Huawei's ever increasing range of equipment and services, it serves as a turning point for ACME as we are now not only able to provide managing services, we are also able advise clients on the equipment to be use based on the their requirements. 

This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to constantly transcend our limits and deliver innovative solutions which brings more value to our clients. We certainly hope that with this partnership, we are able to extend our reach towards potential customers who are keen to tap on our expertise in providing Data Centre solutions.

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