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Acme delivers a slew of environmental updates in celebration of Earth Day

Acme today released its annual Earth Day Report, with new and bold initiatives towards its 2035 Carbon Neutral Goal. Since the 2035 carbon-neutral goal was announced in 2020, Acme's extensive efforts to revamp its building design strategies have drastically decreased its comprehensive carbon footprint across the board.

"We're proud of our commitment towards the environment and we just can't wait to do more this year as we leap forward with some new goals," Ang Yew Chien, said.

A gorgeous sunset cascades on an array of solar panels.

A gorgeous sunset cascades on an array of solar panels.

Acme Innovators' Challenge (AIC) is an annual event held company-wide to garner ideas to unleash the future of sustainability. The latest ideas have led to some incredible new sustainability initiatives including the latest step forward in asset management and data analytics with Acme CoreTools and Acme MaintenancePro. Acme also updated its Environment page with its newest achievements.

Managing Director Jennie Tan stands in a Data Centre
"In the past year, we’ve made some remarkable achievements in implementing low-carbon design strategies, digital facility management, low-carbon vehicles and so much more. Our teams are truly leading the way in creating a more sustainable and innovative future for our industry and our planet," said Jennie, Managing Director at Acme.

Details of Acme's latest achievements took the centre stage, with low-carbon design, custom machine-learning software and more being the highlights of the latest initiatives. The company conducted its latest studies in the field of low-carbon design, exploring bold new opportunities like Advanced Carbon Emissions calculations, low-carbon concrete and using the power of Artificial Intelligence to unleash best-in-class design processes in the DC industry.

Acme's 9 latest environmental initiatives

The 9 new environmental commitments join a host of other key strategies that Acme had previously implemented for the environment, such as the Acme Trade-up programme.

For more information about Acme's environmental efforts, visit


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