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Acme Hub

The future of DC is here.
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Time ahead. Introducing the all-new Acme Hub.

SmartStack up to five levels. Robust performance with the groundbreaking AP1. Ultra fast deployment. All in a single pro modular design.


A Breath of Pure Innovation

Stack it up. Up to 5 levels. Acme Hub is simply off the charts. You have the power to stack 5 pre-fabricated modules in a single, densely loaded module. This means reconfiguration of existing DCs in a matter of days. With lots more versatility, you can deploy an Acme Hub Data Centre at simply unprecedented speeds.

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4 grid.001.jpeg.001.jpeg
4 grid.001.jpeg.001.jpeg
4 grid.001.jpeg.001.jpeg
4 grid.001.jpeg.001.jpeg

Pro Design

SoM - Systems on a Module

Good things come in 5. Five modules for the pro. 

The functionality of Acme Hub is simply unmatched. We cleverly merged 5 coherent modules for equipment, cooling, power and hydropower together in a single SoM design.


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Plus, for the first time ever, the Acme Hub is IP55-certified. This means it’s protected against dust ingress, solid objects and even water jets from any direction. But that’s not all. In all regions around the world, Acme Hub comes fully equipped with the Super XDS Alloy that’s seismic proof. Simply mind-blowing.


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Ultra Pro Electrical Specifications

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Acme Hub comes standard with a 380/400/415 V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, four-wire + PE power mode, a 1200 kVA power module with an industry-leading 1+1 redundancy and an insanely pro battery backup time of 10 min at full load for modules equipped with our latest Li-ion UPS offerings. 

Acme Hub and the AP1. Breathtaking possibility. 

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Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 8.59.31 AM.png

^AP1 Maintenance Tablet Artist Impression | Actual Tablet software may differ from that of the image

Acme AP1 Pro accelerator. With the AP1 Pro accelerator, Acme Hub will be in a league of its own. It’s designed to take full advantage of custom-technologies like Machine Learning Workloads and Artificial Intelligence. So, DC management will be buttery smooth with up to 10x faster ML processing time when compared to the standard AP1.

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XDS Material processing blows everything out of the water.

Each element is carefully selected and strengthened through our XDS Material processing technique. Only one in five are picked for final production. Nothing is more durable than our custom alloy.
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We take full responsibility for the environmental footprint of our products and what goes in them. The Acme Hub is made up of an enclosure made from toxin-reduced materials and all of the wood fibre used in the packaging is properly upcycled.

Thinking inside the box equals to 200,000 fewer cars on the road per year

Featured add-ons


Fan Wall

New | Available 2021

The world's most advanced cooling solution.
Ultra powerful and ahead of its time.

It's time

for change


Acme Hub

On-demand deployment
AI Accelerator for
Machine Leaning
Reduced construction waste
Cost efficient
Toxin-reduced materials

Traditional DC

Up to 95% more waste
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Coming soon
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