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Acme Core Plan extends beyond our regular service offerings

Acme Core

Key Features

NEW | Exclusively for Acme Core Plan


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Acme MaintenancePro enables world-class asset management, advanced Maintenance processes. Standard on all Acme Core compatible equipment


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Acme Core plan allows you to choose from 1000+ top-in-class Data Centre equipment, all powered by Acme MaintenancePro and built for the environment.


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Every Data Centre built and configured with Acme Core comes with a design that's built to scale and last for decades. That's because we design facilities for future equipment lines made by our 100+ partners that are in development, but expected to release years down the road.

Build sustainably

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With Acme Core Plan, Everything we build starts with the environment in mind. Our relentless investment in renewable energy and our strategic partnerships enable some great energy savings for your Data Centres no matter where you are.

Design made for the earth.

Acme Core starts the next generation of design at Acme, with even more emphasis on renewable energy and power efficiency of Data Centres. So you can become carbon neutral across your entire ecosystem of Data Centres. Every Data Centre built with the Acme Core Plan runs on over 50% renewable energy. Our teams are hard at work, finding ways to develop Carbon Harvesting facilities in the locations we serve to offset carbon emissions from your DCs. With Acme's low-carbon design, your systems are more power efficient than ever and your Data Centres are built with the best materials for the environment, while still maintaining the quality you've come to expect from us. 

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Build clean.
Build advanced.

Up to
Energy Savings when building your DCs with Acme Core Plan
Up to
Carbon emissions with renewable power and carbon offsets

Out of the old,
in with
the new.

Sticking with the same equipment for 10 years is so last decade.

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The all-new
Acme Trade-up programme

Up to
Of parts obtained from old equipment is recycled and reused
Up to
Average higher power efficiency with 5-year trade-up cycles
equipment to choose from at subsidised rates
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Power up.
A stunning boost in DC management.

Engineers at work

Next-level Acme Support

Thanks to the new Acme AssetManager and DigitalKeys, maintenance is even more secure and swift than ever. As a result, less time is needed for Data Collection and more time is spent crafting plans to improve efficiency in your Data Centres.
Data Center

In the works

Digital maintenance

Acme redefines Machine Learning with complex algorithms that run in real-time to calculate custom efficiency metrics that are plotted against time and other factors. This data gives our experts the ability to adapt on the fly to improve efficiency.
Equipment available in the Acme Core plan are supercharged with Machine Learning that matches Acme's AP1 standard threshold.

Limited Beta

Predictive Learning & Fault Detection

In some AP2-compatible equipment, predictive learning comes standard and systems can detect faults right when symptoms appear.

Coming 2023 Fall

Behold an
earthly miracle.

We make your Data Centres for the earth. Acme is now working on highly complex carbon emission analysis that will be available on all Acme Core DCs.

An ultra boost in intelligence.

A better look inside the AP1 AI Standard 

Bold, statement features. The AP1 Standard delivers an incredible range of features that enable advanced DC operations.

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