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Woven together to make meaningful change.

Our goal has always been to be at the service of our timeless mission: building the best Data Centres in the world and bringing you the newest and best technologies. There's so much to love about Acme.
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Profound expertise.
Building Data Centres is our only focus.

Acme delivers the world's most durable, scalable and innovative Data Centers. From best-in-class energy efficiency to industry-leading design and durability, nothing beats Acme's world-class engineering team. Believing is seeing. Here's the data.
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Up to
Higher energy
efficiency standards
than leading competition
Average Customer Satisfaction Ratings
across 10 years
16 years
DC experience

Only at Acme

Experience brings a world of new possibilities. For the longest time, Acme has upheld the highest standards of build quality and efficiency. Impressive design that delivers the greatest efficiency, superior durability and best-in-class scalability for years to come. 

Everything is built to last from day one

If you want a Data Center that will last, this is it. DCs built by Acme are made to withstand long-term continuous usage. And if your DC is equipped with Acme Core Products from day one, it stays current with the latest Machine Learning networks. As a result, Acme DCs hold value longer than other Data Centers.
Why Acme

Acme Core

The next-generation of
Data Centre management.
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 Acme MaintenancePro                       Ecosystem of products                      Trade-up programme             
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Flawless integration of software and hardware

Acme MaintenancePro is a bespoke maintenance system designed by Acme and available on our full ecosystem of products. Powered by the all-new Acme AP1 Artificial Intelligence Neural Engine, it works perfectly with the latest Acme Fan Wall and 1000+ Data Centre equipment from top manufacturers.
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Choose equipment Designed by Acme

When we build your Data Centres, there's nothing better than integrating your building design with the latest DC equipment. Our teams plan for future equipment lines years in advance, so even way before we start building, we have the power to design your space efficiently for a future machine that's not even released yet.
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Turn the model you have into the one you want

You’re eligible to upgrade to a new DC equipment, Made by Acme or our 500+ partners, anytime you want to. Just check with our specialists for compatibility and trade up your current model for a new one. It’s that easy.
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1. Data Collected in March 2022 with average building PUE taken from an equivalent portfolio and undisclosed key competitor of Acme.

2. Reliability Ratings collected in Q1 2022 with rounded percentage reflective of total non-incidents (incl. software) across Acme DCs worldwide.

3. PUE recorded in 2020 on pre-production Acme Hub (standard configuration) tested in Dong Guan, China.

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