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Acme launches its first major projects in Thailand and Indonesia

Bangkok and Jakarta — Acme Thailand opens in Bangkok off the shores of Huai Kwang, welcoming locals to experience the best of Acme in Thailand for the first time.

Acme Thailand and Indonesia will bring Acme's full line of services and latest products including Acme Hub, Fan Wall, the ground-breaking Acme Experience and Acme Core, alongside our Building and Design Services for Data Centers across the Asia Pacific Region.

Acme Services offered across Thailand and Indonesia

“Bangkok is an economic destination for the entire region and we see potential off-the-charts growth in the DC landscape,” said Jennie Tan, Acme's Managing Director.
“We are thrilled to introduce our Thai customers to our robust lineup of services that customers have come to love.”

Team of skilled engineers ready for first major projects in Thailand

Planned for later this year, Indonesia will also welcome the anticipated expansion of Acme's first major project in Jakarta. Acme will work closely with our extended partners, including Huawei Enterprise, across the region to uphold our high standards of precision and quality.

For 15 years, Acme has been operating with our partners in the Asia-pacific region and has team members spanning roles across engineering, sales and operations. The large and vibrant new Acme Thailand and Indonesia team includes more team members who are extensively trained by our existing Singapore specialists.

To book a virtual reservation with our specialists, customers can visit



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