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1 august 2020 Huawei IdeaHub Intelligence at your fingertips HUAWEI's latest addition - IdeaHub, features an all-in-one hardware specifically for streamlined conferences. Decked with the latest collaborative technologies including on-screen name tag, wireless projection at 60 fps, voice tracking and two-way collaboration, the HUAWEI IdeaHub is an essential intelligent equipment for your office workspace.  Equipped with 4 integrated necessary functions - Interactive Whiteboard, Wireless Projection, Video Conferencing Technology and Office Apps, a single HUAWEI IdeaHub transcends the limits within a traditional office conference room. IdeaHub S 65"86" IdeaHub Pro 65"86"

Traditional Conference Room Setting

Inclusive of multiple equipment within a single conference room setting


Digital Conference Room Setting

Integrated HUAWEI IdeaHub omits the usage of multiple equipment

Transcending office workspace

The IdeaHub is a great addition to all work environments. Be it for office meetings, conferences or for delivering education, it is an all-in-one smart device that is designed to increase productivity and efficiency within the environment at the same time.



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