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Outstanding achievement presented by DC industry giant, Huawei

DC Partner of the Year Acme Associates is proud to have been presented with the outstanding award for DC partner of the year. It is with great profundity of innovation that we have achieved this fantastic award from the greatest dominating DC industry giant, Huawei. Huawei is home to the world's most innovative and creative products and solutions which have rapidly spread across the world. Acme is proud to have been given the opportunity to continue the momentum of Huawei's progress by extending the leap forward with DCs in Singapore. It's crucial that products that we use in our DCs are beyond the industry-standard of quality and Huawei has absolutely nailed it with innovative and reliable design. We are beyond honoured to be receiving this prestigious award from one of the most sought-after brand in the world and we're optimistic of many more collaborations ahead.

YC, Marketing Executive said, “There are no words to describe the immense gratitude i have towards receiving the award. It's seriously the beginning of something big. I'm awed by the wonderful innovation in Huawei and how the people there are transforming the world in totally new ways. Every decade, there's a new chapter of innovation and it's here. It's the beginning of a new era for Huawei and Acme to transcend the core of DC even further!”

Development Program User, Matthew Sim said, "This is huge for Acme and for the DC community. No other DC brand is more qualified than Huawei to be presenting this award to Acme Associates. As a developer, it's crucial that I can leverage on the new and upcoming products from Huawei to build my idealistic DC concepts of the future. It's the beginning of something spectacular!"

UPS 5000-S in its full glory. Click here to learn more.

Designed for all range of data centers, Huawei Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS) adopts modular hot-swappable design which simplifies Operations and

Maintenance (O&M), reducing maintenance time to just five minutes and greatly improving system availability.

Huawei UPS System efficiency can reach 96.5% at 20% load, and 97.1% at 40% load. With module hibernation technology, it better matches the actual service scenarios of data centers and helps customers save electricity fees.

Another user of Development Program, Johanna Teo, said "I'm blown away by the UPS's outstanding load and swift response to the DC industry's needs. Mind blowing. Period."

Acme is proud to be offering the Huawei UPS in our pipeline and it's so anticipating to see what's next in the chapter for Huawei.

The IdeaHub. Another revolutionary enterprise product for the Pro.

HUAWEI's latest addition - IdeaHub, features an all-in-one hardware specifically for streamlined conferences. Decked with the latest collaborative technologies including on-screen name tag, wireless projection at 60 fps, voice tracking and two-way collaboration, the HUAWEI IdeaHub is an essential intelligent equipment for your office workspace.

Equipped with 4 integrated necessary functions - Interactive Whiteboard, Wireless Projection, Video Conferencing Technology and Office Apps, a single HUAWEI IdeaHub transcends the limits within a traditional office conference room.


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