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Machine Learning

Overview        Acme Core
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AP1 AI Accelerator

Screams fast. The all-new incredibly capable AP1.


Bold change.
Massive leap.

It’s finally here. The AP1 is the first AI Accelerator we have ever packed into any Data Center. With astonishing AI capability, it integrates massive new features like Pro Climate Inspection, AdaptivePower, Auto System Discernment and so much more onto a single, powerful integrative AI Accelerator. With mind-blowing performance, custom technologies and industry-leading features, AP1 is not just an upgrade — it’s a breakthrough.


Rev'd up up to the max

Everything up on the cloud.

Blazing fast Neural Engine. It’s all in the brains of operation. Machine learning (ML) brings task-smashing speed and automation to analyse previous environmental behaviour — enabling predictive learning and adaptations. So, the Acme Hub and Fan Wall enable a full stack of ML technologies, transforming them into ML powerhouses.

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Acme Hub

Supercharged by the AP1

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Acme Hub

On-demand deployment
AI Accelerator for
Machine Leaning
Reduced construction waste
Cost efficient
Toxin-reduced materials

Traditional DC

Up to 95% more waste

Fan Wall

Bounds ahead with AI

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